Thursday, April 16, 2009


I haven't posted here in a long time, mainly because I've been working on a slightly larger piece than usual, and it has taken me a while. It's done, but I'm waiting for it to dry enough so that I can get pictures of it.

So in the meantime, I thought that I would occasionally show some of my older works. This is a small, decorative squash that I painted in 1997. During that time I was being influenced by the work of Wayne Thiebaud, so wanted to explore repetition, color and brushstrokes. The repetition is in the circular shapes. This painting is about 12" x 16". I was very happy with it, and in fact it still remains as one of my favorite paintings, even though my style has now moved in a different direction. I like that the squash looks like it could be an egg. It was painted directly from life. It hung in my hallway for a few years, until my husband banged into it one day and put a huge scratch in it.

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